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Experience European Centralised Vacuum Systems from Italy and

Germany. Introducing TUBÒ and BVC Systems - Setting a New Standard in Home Convenience.

Tony Hocking

Pioneering Clean Living Since the 1980's

European Central Vacuum Systems proudly presents the best Europe has to offer with the Italian TUBÒ and the German BVC. "Experience European Excellence" as we deliver unmatched quality and performance in the realm of central vacuum systems.

At European Central Vacuum Systems, we understand that every home is unique. Allow us to design a bespoke central vacuum system specifically tailored to you and your home. During our consultation, we'll discuss the options for the power unit, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your preferences and requirements.

We are the authorised distributor for the New Zealand market. Tony's dedication extends to offering both TUBÒ and BVC units, ensuring a comprehensive range of options for our clients.

Our Partners

What is your preference – Italian, or German? “European Excellence”.


Aertecnica began designing and manufacturing advanced central vacuum systems in 1985. Their systems eliminate dust and improve the quality of spaces we live and work in and are also sensitive to environmental issues, engaging in continuous research to improve well-being. Attention to health and the environment is combined with constant technical research: the TUBÒ system is developed around the most up-to-date solutions that exist today.


BVC EBS Distribution GmbH is the manufacturer of BVC central vacuum cleaners. The durable high-quality vacuum cleaners are developed, produced and tested in Germany (Northern Bavaria). BVC has more than 20 years of history, always with a focus on highly efficient and hygienic cleaning solutions. A variety of accessories and installation materials complete their range of products.

At European Central Vacuum Systems, we understand that every home is unique. Allow us to design a bespoke central vacuum system specifically tailored to you and your home.

Our Power Units

Dive into the world of innovation and discover the possibilities that await you.

To learn more about our unique power units and explore how they can enhance your living space.

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A few products from our range


TUBÒ Dynamica

The NEW TUBÒ Dynamica line is the only central vacuum system on the market that can be managed via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexia. Made entirely in Italy: synthesis of technology, performance and design.


BVC Blackline

The central vacuum cleaners of the BVC Blackline Digital Edition series are innovative and intelligent. Thanks to the digital control electronics, digital devices offer even more convenience and safety than central vacuum cleaners with analogue control electronics.


TUBÒ Studio TS line

The TUBÒ Studio TS line is a versatile and user-friendly work tool that was created to satisfy the functional needs of their dynamic and modern customers


BVC Silverline

The central vacuum cleaner BVC Silverline are considered to be classic. Cleaning results, durability and technology convince in each regard. That is why their central vacuum cleaners established themselves quickly as an inherent part of modern home technology.



The TUBÒ QB is versatile and efficient, the first central vacuum unit that can be either built-in into an internal wall or mounted on an external wall, which is a development that further enriches TUBO, the centralised vacuum system.


BVC Integravac

is a new central vacuum unit for flats and apartments. Space-saving and powerful but still quiet in operation, the INTEGRAVAC has all the advantages of a central vacuum system. The machine is mounted either in a kitchen base, a cabinet or on the wall of a utility room.

Our CVS Accessories


Vroom Cleaning Accessory Kit

A modern and convenient cleaning accessory. Practical, silent and invisible, ideal for quickly cleaning small spaces and for heavily used parts of the home such as the kitchen with a 5m retractable hose and wand/brush set.


Retractable 12 or 15m Hose Unit

Cleaning has never been so easy. The retractable hose is the natural evolution of the central vacuum system. The flexible hose used for cleaning is concealed inside the wall of your home. An entire vacuum system in a single socket.


Laser Robot

With a self-cleaning charging station connected to the CVS, it is the only vacuum cleaning and floor washing robot with automatic emptying of dust directly into the central vacuum system.


Vac Pan Unit

For use in the kitchen or scullery. The central vacuum unit is switched on and off by moving the front lever with your foot.

The Benefits


Your health is one of our top priorities:

Our central vacuum systems assist you to live a healthier life and to run a healthier business. Especially people with asthma and dust allergies appreciate the clean air quality. Better health through better hygiene is our goal.


Clean air in living rooms:

Thanks to our filtering systems the dust can be removed and the in-room air remains clean. Dust allergy sufferers can freely take a breath.


Vacuuming quietly:

Central vacuum systems are significantly quieter than portable vacuum cleaners. So you can make phone calls or listen to music while vacuuming.


Comfortable handling:

Easily move from room to room without having to push and pull a device. Insert the flexible suction hose and you are ready to go.


Constantly high performance:

Our central vacuum power units are equipped with powerful motors which allows it to keep the suction constantly high.


The environment concerns us!

Our suppliers promise sustainable production and sustainable operation of their products. They produce high-quality products made from high-quality materials without unnecessary burden on the environment.

How We Work With Our Clients


Initial Contact:

We are usually contacted by email. We will either reply to your email, or phone you, to discuss your needs, and make sure we are a good fit for your upcoming building project. We will listen to your ideas, budget, and timeline to understand your requirements. Our questionnaire and your plans will enable us to design a Central Vacuum System that will meet your needs for today and the future.



This will allow us to go over your questionnaire in more detail, and ask further questions if required. We will also make suggestions about alternatives and offer suggestions for additional components that you may have not yet considered. Then we can narrow down the components and accessories for your Central Vacuum System.


Pricing Process:

We will provide you with a competitively priced Central Vacuum System based on our joint discussions.


Construction Process:

This is a two-stage process; the first is when we install the ducting and Inlet Sockets in the agreed positions with you and your builder. The second stage is when your new home is nearing completion, we come in and install your Power Unit and Inlet Covers.


Completion and Handover:

When you are in your new home, or just before moving in, we will meet with you to demonstrate your new Central Vacuum System, provide you with some basic maintenance tips and answer any further questions you may have.


How do I clean the filter of the central vacuum system?

The TUBÒ central vacuum systems are fitted with a filter cartridge blockage detector. The central unit WARNS OF AN ANOMALY when the filter cartridge is near maximum absorption (yellow light blinking on the indicator panel). In this case you can continue using the central vacuum system but we RECOMMEND cleaning the cartridge. If the central vacuum unit frequently indicates this anomaly you must change the filter cartridge.

Who should I contact for technical problems with my system?

Please email and we will respond to your query.

Do I need a vacuum socket in every room?

It depends on how big the rooms are; with one socket you can cover roughly 25/30 m² so it’s quite simple to calculate the number of sockets you need. Another way to calculate the number of sockets is as follows: knowing that the cleaning hose is roughly 7 metres long, if the sockets are installed at point x (corridor, entrance etc.), you can see where the hose will reach and determine the number of sockets required to cover the entire apartment or house.

Where can I install my Vacuum System?

The central unit of the TUBÒ & BVC systems is situated in a separate environment, far from the rooms we live in, for example on an outside patio or in a garage etc. This lets you use the system at any time because it’s totally silent